Cloud-Based HR App Ms. Winkly Now Joins The Workforce

Here’s a trend that we’re seeing for quite some time. More and more people are leaving their jobs and becoming their own boss. Perhaps that’s a good thing, but here’s the thing – HR management is always an issue. Alibaba has released their super-versatile app called DingTalk recently, but Ms. Winkly offers a different approach.

Ms. Winkly offers human resource management by managing employees’ attendance, leave application, claims, and many more. All these in just one platform. This also means that Ms. Winkly works as a SaaS (software as a service).

Ms. Winkly works in a rather simple manner. It has a leave and task management where you can manage, maintain, and track all leave-related issues, be it calculations, withdrawal, or cancellation of balance of leave and task. It can even manage replacement leaves, emergency leaves, and carry-forwards.

It can also handle the punch-in and punch-out of working hours and estimated of working hours per week. As for claims, Ms. Winkly automates the claim management process to provide a paperless and hassle-free experience.

To be a good boss is to remember your employees’ birthdays. Ms. Winkly also has a built-in calendar to track company events, leaves, birthdays, tasks, and more.

Ms. Winkly

Of course, Ms. Winkly runs their SaaS business with the Silicon Valley method. You’re offered a free plan where some of the features aren’t there, and you’ll have to pay to get the full experience that it offers. Here is the price plan.

Leave and Task application Attendance Claim
Free Plan
Premium Plan
Platinum Plan

Global Line Network, the company that owns Ms. Winkly, is offering free usage to its first 1,000 users.

The Ms. Winkly app is now available for download at the Apple App Store and also the Google Play Store.

You can also learn more about Ms. Winkly and sign u over at their website here at Also, check out their facebook page at


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