7 Tips On How To Be The Best HR Manager

Here are some tips that you can begin implementing today to improve your game.

1. Create Relationships

While working in HR you deal with a lot of numbers and statistics. This is normal, but numbers don’t exactly create strong relationships. Perhaps one of the most important things you can do is to create relationships with the people who you work with. The HR Department can often take on many images depending on its reputation, so focus on creating the best relationships possible.

Take part in company events, be easily accessible when employees need you, and be understanding with people. This will do wonders to give you a good image within the firm or company you work for.

2. Hire Talent

If you’re a manager, hire the best talent that you can to create an all-star staff. This will make work much easier and will help to 10x your results quickly. The more A players you hire, rather than B or C players, then the more effective your department will be. It’s good to be as picky as possible when hiring, don’t settle.

3. Your Reputation Is Everything

Going back to the first tip, your reputation is everything at the company you work for. It’s important to know that even if you insist that you’re someone the staff can talk to, that doesn’t mean that is what your image is. If one person has a complaint, the rumor will travel, and no matter what you say, that image will override it. Focus on your image because it creates your reputation.

4. The One-Hour Rule

Your career management skills need to be worked on consistently, so follow the one-hour rule. This rule means that for one hour each week you will focus on managing your career and improving your skills. This can be things such as updating your resume to keep it current, researching something to gain a better understanding of the concept, reading articles to improve and hone your skill set, and attending conferences.

5. Stay Up To Date

The one-hour rule will also help you to stay up to date. No matter your industry, staying on the cutting edge of best practices and new concepts will help to make sure your department doesn’t fall behind the times. Focus on how you can stay up to date as an HR department.

6. You’re GPA Doesn’t Matter – Your Results Do

If you’re a fresh grad a year out of college, your GPA doesn’t matter anymore if you do good work. if you have gotten a proven track record, forget whatever your GPA was and leave it off the resume. You’re viewed as a professional now and not as an ex-student. Be great at your job and you can be hired anywhere you set your vision on. Your GPA won’t hold you back.

7. Create Personal Goals

Setting personal goals such as “Publish One Article Per Year” or “Attend Three Conferences This Year” will help to develop you as an HR employee. It will also impress your current and any future employers to guarantee yourself a long career.

Working in HR can be a lot of work, but there are may avenues for you to improve yourself as someone within that department. Focus on improving yourself and developing your image to be the best you can be.


Source: https://financesonline.com/7-tips-best-hr-manager/

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