7 benefits of having a mobile app for Business

Competition is getting harder in every business whether its a startup or a well established enterprise. Every business need to get updated according to the latest market trends otherwise it has to suffer in a long run. Understanding customer’s behavior is also an important factor where most of the businesses fail. You must know who is your customers, what they are looking for, how they approach to your business and many more questions are here. If you are really confused to get answer for all those questions, your business is in trouble.

Today Smartphone users are increasing with a rapid rate and it’s an indication that a mass customer base is now shifting towards smart phones. If you are still only focusing on your desktop and mobile websites than you are really missing a huge customer base. Today customer needs uninterrupted mobile services and that can only be possible through an effective mobile app.

Studies say a well crafted business mobile app has a higher rate of conversation as compared to desktop or mobile website.

Here some of the most important reasons why Mobile apps are must for your business.

User Experience

“Customers are no longer buying products and services-

They are buying experiences delivered via the products and services.”

Business is all about customer’s satisfaction whether you are providing your services from a local store or providing remote services through websites over the internet. Desktop or Mobile websites are browser dependent and that is why limits the users to see proper transitions and animation between the screens. On the other hand Mobile apps executed on the mobile device itself gives a perfect user experience and hassle free business solution.

Branding and Awareness

“If people like you, they will listen to you

But if they trust you, they will do business with you.”

Today branding is very important for business growth. Mobile apps can give the maximum exposure to your business. Every time a user swipes their Smartphone, your business is always visible to them. Your brand’s logo and slogan line is always visible to the user’s mobile phone and whenever they needs your services they can easily access your App. Word of mouth marketing is also possible while someone using your apps in their mobile. A huge number of app download, a strong user base and healthy sales are the resultants of making a business mobile app. Adopting Mobile apps for your business now is really effective because your competitors are still not focusing on it.

Customer service experience

“Do what you do so well that 

they will want to see it again.”

Mobile apps enables your customers to connect with your business easily and makes a strong bonding between them. Universal accessibility gives a better visibility to your business because your app can be accessed from anywhere anytime without going to your website. If you don’t have a helpline for your customers then definitely Mobile apps can fill this gap and gives 24×7 supports to your customers.

Online marketing tool

“All of your customers are

partners in your mission.”

Mobile apps not only gives a better user experience and enhance your sales but also a great way to brand your business. With a single tap, user can easily share your app on Facebook, twitter and other social media platform. User can also share their experience using your services which can influence to the other user to grab your business app. By using push-notifications you can easily send your best offers, discounts and upcoming event notification to the user and future prospects.

Mobile is the new platform

“Anything can change because the

smartphone revolution is still in the early stages.”

As we know that Smartphone users are increasing with a great pace and today billons of the users are now using their smart phones for all their personal and professional works. All the market giants are now attracting their existing and new clients through their mobile apps. Small businesses and startups can also adopt the trending culture of mobile apps and benefit their customers by high class mobile based services.

Generate Income

“If your business is not on the internet ,

then your business will be out of business.”

Mobile apps are not only useful for your business & customers but also a profitable investment for future aspects. Besides all the above mentioned features and benefits Mobile apps can also be a great source of your income. If you are providing great services to your existing customers and they really like your app, you can charge them when they upgrade the services. On the other hand in-app advertisement is also a great way for handsome income where you can provide space to the other advertisers and generate income from your app.

Customer Behavior and Feedback

“Your customer doesn’t care how much you know,

until they know how much you care.”

A successful business always know its customers and it is one of the most important pillars for any business success. If you really want to know what customer thinks about your products and services, you need a mobile app. A mobile app can easily collect all the user behavior data for your business through which we can serve better products and services to the customers.  A well crafted mobile app can give you location data, demographic data, User age group and other related information through which we can tailor our offers and services to the clients.

There are plethoras of other benefits of Mobile apps that we are not going to mention here. If a business really wants to boost in a short span of time than investing on Mobile apps is really a great solution. With a proper marketing strategy and a well crafted mobile app, your business can get the higher sales, better visibility and huge branding.

Source: https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/7-benefits-having-mobile-app-business-christopher-peter/

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