per active user per month


per active user per month

Employee database
Store essential employee’s info
Company calendar
Know who’s on leave, out on task, and when’s the upcoming event by just one look at the calendar
Add holiday and events
Get everyone updated with latest events and holidays
Leave Management
Apply leave
Approve leave requests
Cancel approved requests
View/update employee leave balance
Full control on employee leave balance
Export leave request history
Custom leave type
Create your unique leave type, birthday leave, travel leave
Create leave group
Different leave entitlement for different employee groups
Attendance Management
Clock in & clock out
Location tracking1
Capture clock in and clock out location
View/edit attendance report
Export attendance report
Create working hour group
Expenses Claim Management
Submit claim
Claim with attachment
Approve/reject claim
View claim history
Export claim report
Generate claim form
Create custom claim type
Set claim amount limit
Leave requests
Get notified when employee requests leave
Leave status update
Get notified when your leave is approved
Claim submission
Get notified when employee submits claim
Claim status update
Get notified when your claim is approved

  1. Location data will only be captured if user enables location access permission for Ms.Winkly app.