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Modern “Robin Hood” motivates Georgians drowning indebted

Modern “Robin Hood” motivates Georgians drowning indebted

When a young boyfriend went into a payday lender in Tbilisi and won 19 consumers prisoner on December 20, brandishing exactly what were a rifle and hands grenades, they regarded very first look like a fairly easy burglary.

However, the aspiring robber, 31-year-old carpenter Levan Zurabashvili, would not demand money.

Alternatively, the guy commanded the Georgian administration carry out several coverage updates.

“First switched off, playing must certanly be banned all acro Georgia,” Zurabashvili believed, because world played from alive television. “Second: annual rates of interest on loans from banks should be fixed at only 7per cent.”

The hostages disrupted, arguing that 7per cent would remain too large. “within the E.U. the rate is focused on 3per cent,” one man revealed.

“Can we complete?” Zurabashvili requested.

His third and definitive requirements were adjust a ten percent cover on drug corporations’ earnings so as to reduce medication costs. “It is primarily old those who buying prescription as well as their pensions are just 250 lari” (about $75), the guy claimed, explaining that banking companies capture older folks with pricey money that they must protect health-related expenditure however they are not able to pay-off.


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