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I’m a female in technology, and this is exactly what i’d like in an organization

I’m a female in technology, and this is exactly what i’d like in an organization

These are some things I want in a company before I decide to join, and once I’m a part of the team as a female developer.

I wish to see other females

The thing that is first individuals do before interviewing and on occasion even trying to get a job is go through the business careers web page. If it is plastered with photos of white dudes in flannel with beards, that’s a red banner. In the event that exec group is perhaps all white males whom appear to be they may be my father that’s another one. When you’re a little group and the ones would be the cards you’re dealt, it is harder to have around that. You could constantly place a declaration with this web page describing the known fact you intend to diversify your group and exactly why. Another trick I’ve seen is having a plainly feminine silhouette saying “This could possibly be you!”.

When I’ve managed to make it through the careers page, i wish to see them in person. It’s always crucial to possess feamales in the meeting procedure, but particularly when the prospect can also be a female. This makes me feel much more comfortable with asking questions that are certain and will be offering an possibility to ask things just an other woman in technology could respond to. Regardless if there aren’t presently ladies in the group I’d be joining (warning sign) bring somebody from another group set for a tradition interview.

We don’t give a shit regarding the “amazing tradition”

We have all culture that is great you’re all best friends, I have it. (more…)

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